Real Estate

Real estate is one of the core sectors of the Indian economy contributing a sizeable portion to the country’s GDP. It is one of the most potential asset class in the Indian business regime.As a consequence of the economic growth in India, the real estate assets have gained significant value and thus, clients are in constant need of tailor-made legal advice in the real estate space in order to safeguard their investments.

We, at Probus Legal,offer a diverse range of services to all stakeholders (financers, investors, realtors, corporate as well as individual developers, landowners, societies/condominiums and buyers) on legal and regulatory issues associated with real estate projects. Our services include structuring of investments in real estate, documentation in real estate transactions such as leasing, conveyance, development agreements and collaboration agreements, sale agreements, sale deeds, rectification deeds, supplementary deed/ ratification deeds, relinquishment deed, release deeds, exchange deeds and gift deeds etc., documentation for creation of interest including mortgages, agreements to sell and the like,  documentation in relation to the property management and maintenance services such as memorandum of understanding, power of attorney, settlement deeds, compromise deeds, assignment deeds and the like. We also conduct due diligence of properties and title search and regularly advice our clients on regulatory compliances, advice on construction related laws and real estate litigation.

Our Real Estate team can be trusted to provide sound legal advice on purchase, lease or license of property for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. We also assist our clients in obtaining pre and post construction licenses, approvals, and permits for development of real estate projects. we advise developers, investors and financiers in the real estate sector in relation to compliances under RERA across different states in India, working closely with them for registration of projects. Our real estate lawyers help in minimizing the scope of dispute in property transactions armed with sound legal acumen to draft and review agreements for sale, conveyance deeds, lease deeds, leave & license agreements, power of attorney, indemnity deeds, guarantees etc.

Our Real Estate team is extremely adept and experienced in handling real estate disputes, including regional and multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration.We also represent our clients before RERA, Consumer Forums / Commissions and other appropriate authorities in relation to real estate disputes. We work closely with our clients during negotiations and strategy building, both pre and during litigation so as to achieve their desired objectives.