Employment and labour laws in India are constantly evolving toadapt to the rapid changes in workplace. These laws and regulations therein influence relationships between the employer and the employees, unions and management,and are also riddled with laws relating to wages, compensation, retrenchment, re-instatement, provident fund, gratuity etc.

We, at Probus Legal, actively advise clients in their complianceswith the employment and labour laws, as well as in quintessential documentation such as employees’ handbook, employment agreements, show-causes notices andstock option plans (ESOPs). We represent our clients in various employment related issues in disciplinary and departmental proceedings, in disputes arising out of employment and service contracts, during industrial actions such as strikes and lockouts, on issues of voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) and in issues pertaining to social benefits as well as retrenchment and compensation. We have successfully represented clients in Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals, Central Administrative Tribunal, Court of the Labour Commissioner, various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.