We, at Probus Legal, have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the global aviation sector, including the operational, regulatory, commercial and insurance aspects therein. Our aviation practice encompasses virtually the whole range of aviation law and consulting. We are equipped to advise and represent carriers – both large and small, new entrants, scheduled and charter, combinations carriers and all-cargo carriers .We also advise and represent other aviation-related entities, including wholesalers and retailers (travel agents, tour operators, air freight forwarders and air freight agents), local and state airport authorities, manufacturers and other vendors, and financial institutions (including banks, leasing companies and other lessors) .

Our cross-disciplinary approach and significant understanding of the sector enables us to navigate the complexities that our clients in the aviation industry face. We are among the limited number of law firms in India that have made a major commitment to handling the multitude of legal matters regularly faced by transportation and logistics companies, both Indian and multi-national. Our spectrum of services include advising on transportation contracts, advising on bill of lading and transportation agreements, advising on Indian customs and excise matters as well as all other matters germane to national and international transportation.

We extensively deal in cases relating to passenger claims, and has an extensive experience of handling grounding of aircraft, hull, liability, carriage of cargo and passengers including insurance aspects and the Warsaw Convention which applies to all international carriage of persons, luggage or goods. We also deal with cases relating to transfer, promotion and increment of our clients working with the aviation sector.We are proud to provide expert assistance in aviation related litigation and arbitration, both domestic and international proceedings.